Magic mushroom spores

What are the advantages of Spore Sprints?

Mushroom spores for sale | Psilocybin spores for sale

There are numerous ways to grow magic mushrooms, but starting with spore prints has some clear benefits.

Spore prints provide unrivaled protection against contamination, to start. Prints don’t have living mycelium suspended in a liquid-growing medium like liquid cultures do. This indicates that there isn’t any additional material used in preparation when done in a lab, which means there aren’t any potential contaminants to feed on.

The shelf life of spore prints is also superior. Years after your purchase, you can use them by keeping them in their packaging.


Finally, spore prints make better mycologists because they let you start learning about mushrooms from scratch. From this point on, you can create your own slants, agar plates, and liquid cultures.

Psilocybin mushroom spores | Psilocybe cubensis spores

What are the advantages of spore prints?

Both syringes and agar plates can be used to continue the process after receiving your package of spore prints. Simply place the contents of your pack into a jar of sterile water and suction up the water with a sterile syringe to create spore syringes. The spore syringe can be used to directly inject substrate or to add spores to a sterile sugar solution to grow out the mycelium in a liquid culture. To grow out the mycelium in Petri dishes, however, you can omit creating spore syringes entirely and simply drop spores directly onto agar.

Mushroom spores for sale

We do things right because we are passionate about all things psychoactive; our magic mushroom spore prints are of the highest caliber and rank among the best in the world. Our products arrive through your letterbox free of contamination because they were created in an aseptic laboratory environment.

A sterilized environment is necessary for many mushroom species to grow optimally and produce useful results, unlike plants. You can relax knowing that you’re not adding any unwanted contaminants to your growing medium when you purchase spore prints from Magic Mushroom Universe.


We’ve been a reliable supplier on numerous forums for nine years, so don’t just take our word for it.

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