Magic mushroom grow kit

This magic mushroom grow kit (containing the well-known “Golden Teacher” strain) might be a great option for you if you want to start microdosing within a month. Because you can produce your first harvest in just a few simple steps and without any prior experience with this grow kit, it is named “Ready to Grow.”.

With its 1200cc of ready-to-grow mushroom material, you can get anywhere from 150 to 300 grams of fresh magic mushrooms, which is equivalent to 15 to 30 grams of dried mushrooms.

  •  Capable of at least 100 microdoses.
  •  Yield: two to three harvests.
  •  Within three weeks, the first mushrooms can be harvested.
  •  Free monthly access to the online support group for the Microdosing Institute.

Refrigerate as soon as possible after receiving. Use your kit within a month of receiving it.

A heating mat should be used with the grow kit. All the tools required for microdosing with magic truffles are available in our Toolkit Magic Truffles.

Magic mushroom kit

It’s simple to grow your own fresh psilocybin mushrooms with the help of this mushroom grow kit. Perfect for a microdose (deeper experience) or microdose (smaller dose). Your first harvest is ready in three weeks. The kit can then be used again for numerous additional harvests.

Psilocybin mushroom grow kit

One of the most popular psilocybin-containing mushroom strains in existence is the kind of mushroom that this kit yields. The psychedelic mushroom variety Psilocybe cubensis includes Golden Teacher. The Golden Teacher mushroom is renowned for its gentle nature, which makes it a very suitable strain for beginners in terms of experience (and intensity). Similar to other psilocybin-containing mushrooms, the potency is average.

This strain grows medium-sized to large clusters of mushrooms with a startlingly golden cap. Yields can be substantial.

According to legend, the species was first discovered in the U.S. Gulf region. S. During the 1970s. There is a tinge of mystery surrounding the origin of this “teacher mushroom” because this has never been confirmed. Some mycologists go so far as to assert that the species, in its particular form, doesn’t even exist.

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