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Buy magic mushrooms

Psilocybin is the active ingredient in buy magic mushrooms. It is a hallucinogenic chemical in the tryptamine family, similar to LSD or DMT. Psilocybin and magic mushrooms have traditionally been used in South America for thousands of years. Mostly for religious and ritual purposes. Here in Queensland when we say buy magic mushrooms, were are talking about two different types. We have either got gold tops or blue meanies.

Gold tops here refer to Psilocybe cubensis. The term gold tops mean different things in different states. So you do need to be aware of the different regional variations. Magic mushrooms grow in cow dung, and grow in the summertime after lots of rain. Generally from about December to April every year.

The psilocybe cubensis and all magic mushrooms will stain blue when the magic mushrooms come in contact with air. You can see some of the blue stainings on the stems. There is an image of the magic mushrooms which is referring to the  Copelandia cyanescens. Again, they also grow out of cow dung also in the summertime after lots of rain. They are quite different to tell apart from others buy magic mushrooms. There is some look-alike which will grow amongst the same cowpat. While other states have got magic mushrooms which can be extremely dangerous to consume if misidentified. Most misidentified magic mushrooms will just cause nausea and vomiting.

How can buy magic mushrooms be consumed?

Magic mushrooms can also be dried out and turned into powder. We have some images of some dried magic mushrooms again with the blue staining.  They are quite frequently consumed as tea where the magic mushrooms are added to some boiling water and you just drink the tea. One of the risks with this is it’s really hard to establish the dose. The tea can have a really rapid onset. Moreover, it can be absorbed very quickly through the stomach and can cause quite an intense effect very quickly.

Likewise, the dried magic mushrooms can be ground up into powder and we have heard of these powder capsules appearing on the illicit market. And been sold as magic mushroom capsules or magic mushrooms tables.

The dried magic mushrooms can also be added to chocolate. In this case, the chocolate moulds can be onsold or stored. Magic mushrooms for sale can also be home cultivated as well and there have been the large 4 months a couple of significant police seizures of home magic mushrooms cultivation operations. In this case, they are probably drying them out and selling them on the black market.

Risks of Magic mushrooms

So psilocybin is the main active ingredient. It lasts from between 4 to 6 hours when someone consumes it. There’s some potential clinical use for psilocybin and there have been some studies looking at applying buy magic mushrooms to people who are facing death from a terminal illness. Some research shows that magic mushrooms can reduce death-related anxiety. There are a number of studies underway at the moment to determine some other potential clinical use of magic mushrooms.

The other risk with taking buy magic mushrooms is accidents and injuries while under the influence. Any hallucinogen can make people unaware of their surroundings and can lead to accidents or injuries. There’s also the risk of a bad trip reaction where someone has a frightening experience and has a panic reaction. Because of the overwhelming nature of some of those hallucinations.

10 Top Types of Buy Magic mushrooms

There are over 180 types of buy magic mushrooms all with different potency levels ( some 12 times more than others) in different habitats throughout the world. They all have different levels of active ingredients which include psilocybin, psilocin, and baeocystin. We need to consider all 3 magic mushrooms. Because when you add them all up that will give you the total psychedelic potency level of that mushroom.

Some mushrooms can be 12 times more potent than others. One thing to note is that all psilocybe mushrooms will bruise blue because of the psilocybin in them. They will also have dark purplish spores. Which will look like dark dust on the plants under it.

1 – Flying Saucer Mushroom ( Psilocybe Azurescens ) Potency( per 1 dried gram): 25 mg.

The most potent magic mushroom of all and can be found in wood chip and sandy soils. With a strong affection for dune grass. It has also been reported to be found in the United States (Oregon, California, New Mexico, Wisconsin, Vermont, and Ohio) and Germany( Leipzig). It has a thin gelatinous skin that is separable from the rest of the cap.

2 – Knobby Tops ( Psilocybe Baeocystis ) Potency( per 1 dried gram): 15mg

This buy magic mushroom can be found growing in mulch, wood chips, or lawn with a strong affection towards the bark of Douglas firs. It was first reported in Oregon but is common in the Pacific Northwest. The surface lools are gelatin-like with a gelatinous pellicle that is usually separable.

3 – The Bohemian Psilocybe ( Psilocybe Bohemica ) Potency ( per 1 dried gram) 15mg

It can be found in the autumn in central Europe and will be growing on woody debris. With a strong affection towards Betula, Carpinus, Alnus, and Piceae tress. It does not have a separable gelatinous pellicle.

4 – Liberty cap ( Psilocybe Semilanceata ) Potency( per 1 dried gram) 15mg

These magic mushrooms for sale are typically found in the fall in pastures, fields, lawns or grassy areas. Especially areas grazed by sheep and cows. It has been reported to be found on the west coast of the United States. And has been spotted in New York, Europe( France, Holland, Italy, Norway, and Switzerland), South Africa, Chile, and Northern India. It does have a separable gelatinous pellicle.

5 – Golden Caps ( Psilocybe Cubensis ) Potency(per 1 dried gram) 13mg

Due to being the most popular buy magic mushrooms for people to buy online. I decided to give the cubensis its whole article with the top 10 different strains to buy. You will find this magic mushroom for sale in the spring, summer, and fall ( in the southern United States while May and June are the best time to pick them but can be found up to January). Growing mostly out of the poop of cattle, horses, or elephants or in-ground that is rich in their manure.

Buy magic mushrooms | magic mushrooms for sale